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ESDEC ClickFit Evo Tiled Roof System

ESDEC ClickFit Evo Tiled Roof System

ClickFit® EVO Tiled Roofs, a mounting system for all standard pitched tiled roofs. For you, this means working more efficiently, with less fuss.

Easy Click System: ClickFIt EVO has a smart click connection that allows quick and easy installation of solar panels on the roof.
Fewer Tools: You need just one tool to install ClickFit EVO Tiled Roof
Fewer Components: ClickFit EVO Tiled Roof only has 4 components. This makes installation extrasimple.
Maxmum Time Savings: The small number of installation steps means the panels can be installed up to 50% faster.
Strong & Durable: The ClickFit EVO Tiled Roof system is made form high-quality aluminium and Magnelis steel. This type of steel has a longer lifetime, is resistant to corrosion and has a self-repairing coating.

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