With a firm commitment to becoming a leading distributor in the Irish solar market, our mission is clear: to deliver high quality components for solar panel installations to our valued customers across Ireland. From panels and inverters to EV chargers, batteries, mounting systems, cables, connectors, and labels – we've got you covered.In a rapidly evolving market, staying ahead means staying prepared. New products and technologies emerge regularly. That's why we are committed to moving with the market, offering the latest and most innovative PV installation solutions to our customers.


Ireland's Solar Revolution

Ireland's solar installation market is undergoing remarkable growth, spanning across residential, commercial/industrial, and utility sectors. At Decarb Solar Ireland, our ambition is to evolve and provide comprehensive solar solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each sector.


Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What sets Decarb Solar Ireland apart is our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service and technical support. Superior service and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction have been the cornerstones of our success to date and will continue to be in the future.  Our team of qualified technical experts and fulfilment staff are ready to assist you. Talk to us today.


Partnerships and Focused Distribution

We recognize that quality and reliability are paramount in the renewable energy industry. That's why Decarb Solar Ireland has strategically partnered with a select number of manufacturers, allowing us to offer a focused distribution approach. By working closely with these trusted partners, we ensure that our product lineup meets the highest industry standards, providing our customers with peace of mind.

Join us in Shaping the Future of Solar

Contact Decarb Solar Ireland today to learn how we can support your solar projects with top-tier products, unmatched service, and a shared vision for a greener, more sustainable Ireland.

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